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Sheep's Cheese -"Creeny"

corleggy goats cheese

Among other awards the latest being Gold medal at Irish Cheese awards 2013.

Creeny Sheep Cheese; Hard cheese handmade from RAW Sheep’s milk. At 2 months this is a mild cheese but as it matures up to 12 months it becomes a very sharp cheese indeed. It is rare as production is limited to 4 months in the year.
Sheep milk is the richest milk of the 3 and high butter fat and protein content makes for the rich luxurious taste.
Like goats milk, sheep milk products are suitable for people with cow’s milk allergies.
Creeny is always very slightly salty, the reason is that the sheep graze the grass to the very earth, full of salts and minerals from all the rich rain!

Small Cylinder shape Circa 400g - €12.00

Large Cylinder shape Circa 2.5kg - €28.00 Per Kilo

Sheeps Cheese - "Creeny"

Log Circa 300g


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Corleggy Cheeses are based at a number of markets nationwide every weekend,
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