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Cheese School

This one day cheese making class takes place here with us at Corleggy..

..from 10.00am till about 17.00pm or so arrive early and bring an apron and a bucket…it’s got to hold 10 litres of milk (Plastic is fine but not aluminium).

We know Irish summers are very warm and dry but still on the safe side bring some wellies
…you never know.

The class takes place outside under a Marquee.
From the 10 litres of Raw milk under Silke’s instruction everybody will make 1kg of Hard Cows’ milk cheese along with a soft cheese. You’ll bring them home to mature!

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Booking & Inquiries

A lunch will be served when we leave the cheese to be pressed; the food is all locally sourced. There will also be tea, coffee and wine, we may even throw in a few recipes for you to try with some of the fresh cows’ cheese.

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